Suit babes are doing it for themselves!
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Suit babes are doing it for themselves!

In this industry or any industry for that matter, the entrepreneurial journey can be quite a lonely road at times. So it is quite comforting when you come across fellow entrepreneurs or like minded individuals where you can share, support, collaborate and help each other grow their business.

I have been fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful business women on my entrepreneurial journey and meeting KattyJay was a lovely highlight as we were both in the suit business.

So this month, we caught up with our fellow suit boss babe KattyJay from Lagos to give us more of an insight on her suit business in Nigeria. 

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, My Name is Nma Katty Jerry, I am an Information System Analyst and the founder and creative director of Kat by KattyJay.

Please tell us about your brand Kat By KattyJay.

Kat By KattyJay is a premium fashion brand consisting of its own Bespoke suit brand, contoured & styled by our in-house stylists to showcase the beauty inherent in every lady while reflecting the uniqueness of all sizes.

How or when did you decide to go into the fashion business?

Growing up with my siblings, I have always had a flare for fashion. I loved sketching and playing around with colors. I do recall my sisters and family friends always coming to me and saying “hey Nma, could you sketch something or find a style for me that I can wear for this occasion and so forth”.

Which I have always done for the fun of it. I have always loved to dress in a way that speaks for me when I’m saying nothing. I love looking bossy, rich with great colors. Also having worked a 9 to 5, while wearing a suit, as well as the saying “dress how you want to be addressed “all contributed in shaping the idea behind Kat By KattyJay.

When did you decide to create Kat by KattyJay?

Starting up Kat By KattyJay has always been on my mind but I kept stalling about it. Back in 2018 through 2019 I simply made random clothing, without a niche. By 2020 I realized I didn’t just want to make random clothing, I found a niche for myself, which involved creating something unique, for the upwardly mobile and trendy successful Boss Babes, and thus Kat By KattyJay was born. I officially launched Kat By KattyJay in June 2020 from the desire to be able to create a suit that people will feel confident wearing.

One of the best things about Kat By KattyJay, is that you do not have to break banks to look good, and we are constantly sourcing our fabrics from the absolute best manufacturer, which are unique, durable and affordable.

What/who was your biggest inspiration/motivation?

My inspirations are drawn from unexplainable source. Literally any object with their colors. My designs are mostly drawn in my head when I sleep or just resting but mostly late at night (ha-ha I do not know why) but hey I am thankful to God for that. In terms of motivation, I have always  been my biggest motivation. I know it takes a lot but I do ask myself, Nma, are you comfortable with where you are? I respond then I make changes where necessary.

Can you tell us about your recent suit designs and collections?

We recently launched our first collection “TER COLLECTION” (TRU ESSENCE AND RADIANT) with the slogan #BreakTheMinimal. A collection that was created to fit the Boss Lady’s everyday lifestyle. You can go from a boss babe to a chic lifestyle on one suit. Collection was drawn from my favorite five words classy, upscale, unique, stylish, and versatile. There is something for everyone!

Shop for your perfectly custom made suits at

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